Stop-it is a project by Save the Children Italia ETS Italy ETS that since 2002 has been fighting sexual exploitation and abuse of children on the Internet and through the Internet.

Are you aware of child pornography online?

Stop-it is a service that allows Internet users to anonymously report the presence of child pornography online, filling a form with the available information (e.g. website address).

What to report?

Any representation, by any means, of a child under eighteen years of age involved in real or simulated sexually explicit activities, or any representation of the sexual organs of a child under eighteen years of age for sexual purposes (Law 172/2012 - Ratification of the Lanzarote Convention - Art 4).

Why to report?

Behind every image there is a victim of sexual abuse, behind every download there is a re-victimization.

Reporting allows law enforcement to investigate in order to identify not only who is producing, possessing and sharing this material but, more importantly, to identify the minors in the images and videos and ensure that they receive the necessary protection and support.